Sunday, January 20, 2008

Organic Farm in Tyrone

Cowgirl City Ranch is a sustainable organic farm located just 15 minuets south the Atlanta Airport in Tyrone, GA.

Our mission is to grow nutritious and healthy food for the community. Organic farming practices build a living soil, which enhances the health of the land and people in our community. We use only sustainable and organic farming methods which rely on minimal off-farm inputs and no chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Our growing methods include crop rotation, planting cover crops, applying finished compost and mulches, encouraging beneficial insects, using heirloom and organic seed, and selecting proper irrigation methods.

We produce vegetables, blue berries, apples, herbs and flowers. There will be a market on the farm each Wednesday and Saturday. This year CSA shares will be offered from April through November at a fee of $500 per share. Farm tours and internships available upon request.

Farm Name: Cowgirl City Ranch (Tyrone, GA)

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