Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Green Revolution to the Rescue

With gas prices going “off the hook” and environmental concerns on the increase, people understand the benefits of conserving energy and saving money at the same time. Some call it “Going Green”.

The sun is one of our greatest assets on earth that is free of charge to us and Georgia is certainly blessed with sunshine. That is why we should all take advantage of solar energy as a clean source of energy.

Today, many homes are making use of solar energy for light, heat, and hot water to save money, with no pollution to the environment. There are even new programs that will lease the solar system to homeowners without the homeowner going through the hassle of installation and upfront investment.

What is also great now is the new solar powered golf cart or Low Speed Vehicles (LSV). These solar powered LSV can give you up to 60 miles of travel while the sun is continuously charging the battery. Since owners of regular golf carts are demanding more mileage and use on their golf carts, the solar powered model is the smart choice. Regular golf carts can also be converted to “solar powered” with a solar roof do-it-yourself kit.

The Green Revolution is on, and it is driven by our necessity.

By Achor Njoku CEO
Smart Energy Stuff

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