Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh what a beautiful day!

I treated myself today --- I spent the day in the yard. First, I joined untold numbers at our local Lowe's store. I picked up flats of marigolds and other annuals, grabbed a few hummingbird attracting hanging baskets and filled the Jimmy up with soil, fertilizer, soil conditioners and other assorted items.

The place was packed! I think everyone must have been bitten by the same bug today. The Master Gardeners from Fayette were there to share bits of wisdom. I decided to put in some grape tomatoes while there, one of those spur of the moment things... the Master Gardeners were a lot of help as it has been over ten years since I had a "real" garden.

Not one to settle for just one spur of the moment decision, I also decided to take out an entire bed, fix it up and turn it into a herb garden.

The sun is sinking and I'm sure I'm going to be sinking once all the activity of the day catches up with my poor body! However, the hummingbirds have been going bonkers trying to decide which plant to sample. I now have a garden filled with marigolds, tomatoes, sweet basil, lavender, oregano, lemon balm, chamomile, and other herbs. I stuck a shepherd's hook down in the soil and popped a hummingbird feeder on it just for fun. We'll see if they'll leave the plants on the back porch and travel to the feeder.

What a gloriously perfect day! Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow and find all the plants still intact. The deer love to hang out in our yard. I tried to grab things they usually shy away from, but I swear they change their dining habits to include whatever I happen to plant.

Hope you managed to find a bit of time to enjoy the weather.

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