Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little Spider, Big Spider

Earlier today I caught some movement outside the window beside my computer. At first I thought it was just a spider moving across the outside pane. I glanced at it, made sure it wasn't inside with me, then went back to work.

A bit later I caught some motion again and took a closer look expecting to find this huge monster of a spider weaving a web.

It wasn't weaving a web, it was caught in a web. I watched for a minute or two then went back to work.

After a bit I stopped again as I caught some new movement out the corner of my eye. It was the tiny owner of the web coming to investigate what it had caught for dinner.
This tiny little light brown spider would get close to the bigger black spider (ugly thing) only to be deflected by one of its long legs. I watched for maybe fifteen minutes as the little one tried to come at the big one in various ways.
Finally I went back to work. Finally I noticed that the little one gave up. It must have been pretty hungry to try for so long! However, common spider sense must have gotten past the hunger pangs and it decided to leave the big guy alone.

Off and on I've watched as the big dude has thrashed about in the web trying to work itself loose. I debated on whether to go outside and help it out, but finally decided to let nature run its course and not meddle.

It's fighting hard for life. It has managed to do quite a bit of moving but it's not going anywhere. I don't know how long it will take for death to catch up, I imagine it will tire and stop its fight at some point, then the little one will move in for the big feast.

I suppose given the proximity of some bird feeders that one of my many birds could swoop in and steal my little spider's dinner.

It's going to be interesting to see the end of this saga. I can't help but feel for the big ugly black spider.

Whoops, I just looked up as it has managed to get partially free! Wouldn't that be a kicker if it somehow defied the odds and figured out a way to get loose from the web? I don't see it happening though as it's free swinging in the middle of the web and every step it takes will lead to another sticky string.

I'll keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

What happened to the big spider? Did the little spider have a feast?