Wednesday, November 19, 2008

McIntosh Choral Students “Plant a Promise”

Members of the freshmen Treble Chorus plant a Crepe Myrtle tree in the courtyard of McIntosh High as part of their "Planting a Promise" ceremony where students promised to live abuse free lives.

A living reminder of a promise to lead an alcohol and drug free life is with students every day at McIntosh High.

Red Ribbon Week is long gone but its significance lives on in the school’s courtyard where members of the Treble Chorus planted a tree as a daily reminder to students to aspire higher and make the most of their lives.

The all female, freshman chorus came up with the idea of having a ceremony called Planting a Promise to help remind current and future students about the importance of keeping their promises to stay away from drugs and alcohol. The ceremony also honored alumni who had lost their lives to substance abuse or violence.

As part of the ceremony, the choral students cited poetry or shared their memories of a family member or friend they had personally lost due to some type of abuse. They sang an original a cappella arrangement of Amazing Grace and gave a red rose to audience members as a “thank you” for their participation and as a reminder that life is fragile, just like the petals of the flower.

“I’m very proud of these girls and their idea to have this lasting reminder at our school about the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices that will allow them to grow just like the tree they planted that day,” says Terri Finlinson, assistant choral director at McIntosh.

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