Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Encore Azalea® Spotlights Container Gardening in Latest Online Magazine

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Encore Azalea® has released the 2nd edition of their digital magazine that focuses on container gardening throughout the year. Garden Professionals and consumers can also find insight into all things related to Encore Azaleas: from regional care to spacing suggestions. Novice and master gardeners alike will enjoy the photos and articles while taking advantage of the simple planting instructions and easy care tips found in “Flourish with Encore Azalea®.”

This edition illustrates how to start with Encore Azalea® as a base plant and create versatile, sustainable containers for home spaces in every season of the year. The magazine also offers a wealth of valuable information for avid gardeners including first–time planting and care tips, best time to plant, variety and space recommendations, and specific regional care. There is a feature on Robert E. "Buddy" Lee, the inventor of Encore Azaleas and a well-known plant breeder. Lee offers his tips and techniques on soil amendment, planting, mulching, watering, and pruning. The digital magazine can be viewed and downloaded at The magazine features resources including the newly released video, “Care Instructions with Buddy Lee” which is available for free download in Windows Media, QuickTime and a free iTunes podcast.

Encore Azalea® is the only patented brand of azaleas to bloom in spring, summer, and fall. Today, the 23 varieties of Encore Azalea offer a growth habit and bloom color palette for every landscape. The evergreen shrubs enjoy more sun than traditional azaleas, but offer the same easy care.

Encore Azaleas begin blooming each spring like a traditional azalea. Once this initial blooming concludes, new shoots begin to grow and set buds. Then blooms emerge again in mid-summer and continue in many areas until first frost. No other azalea performs like that.

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