Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Southern Living™ Plant Collection Introduces Spring 2010 Plant Offerings

(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Southern Living™ Plant Collection has announced a range of exciting, new plant offerings for the Spring 2010 season. Highlights include earlier blooming Early Bird™ Crapemyrtles, brighter-hued Flirt™ and Obsession™ Nandinas, vibrant Vogue® Mandevillas, lush Cleopatra® Liriope, and more.

From flowering shrubs and trees to annuals, grasses, and bulbs, the plant offerings are designed to excel in the lawns and gardens of the South, according to Kip McConnell, Director of Plant Development Services, Inc.

What’s New for 2010:


* Flirt™ Nandina
* Obsession™ Nandina


* Early Bird™ Early-Blooming Crapemyrtles
* Red-leafed Delta Jazz™ Crapemyrtle


* Marc Anthony™ Variegated Liriope
* Cleopatra® Liriope


* 'Princess Blush' Verbena PP#11911
* 'Princess Dark Lavender' Verbena PP#11951
* Mandevilla Vogue® 'Sophia' PPAF
* Mandevilla Vogue® 'Vivian' PPAF
* Pentas 'Stars & Stripes'


* Zephyranthes Pink Rain Lily
* ‘Ellen Bosanquet’ Crinum

The Collection is available through retail garden centers across the Southeast. For more information about any of the exciting new releases from the Southern Living Plant Collection, please visit southernlivingplants.com.

The Southern Living™ Plant Collection was first introduced in Spring 2008. It is a partnership between PDSI® and Southern Living® magazine, with the goal to provide innovative new plants selected for their ability to solve specific landscape challenges.

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