Friday, March 25, 2011

Cooper Lighting Pays it Forward

Cooper Environmental Excellence Award

Cooper Lighting, Peachtree City, GA, has been awarded its company’s prestigious Environmental Excellence Award in recognition of innovative product design. The local facility has chosen to pay it forward by donating the $7,500 award grant to Southern Conservation Trust for much needed improvements to Line Creek Nature Area.

Cooper’s annual Environmental Excellence Awards are presented to Cooper facilities that best demonstrate significant, lasting and measurable excellence in such areas as process improvement, pollution prevention, and innovative product design and resource conservation. Cooper employees at these facilities drive environmental efforts and have proven that doing the right thing can lower costs, improve performance and create direct financial benefits for both the customer and Cooper. The scope of this award program is broad enough for all major environmental and conservation accomplishments of any Cooper operation to be eligible. Nominations can relate to a specific accomplishment or to a group of projects demonstrating continuous improvement. Cooper honors top performers on an annual basis with grants to local programs promoting environmental stewardship. Top performers have the freedom to select which community programs benefit from the grant.

The Cooper LED Innovation Center in Peachtree City, GA, identified energy saving measures that could be molded into innovative products that help customers reduce their environmental impact. Cooper Lighting designed and developed the new Halo LED H7 collection at the Cooper LED Innovation Center. This new lighting collection offers energy savings to customers by providing the same quantity and quality of light as traditional light sources while operating more efficiently. Cooper Lighting also designed the Halo LED modules to have a longer lifespan, which also minimizes relamping maintenance costs. The Halo LED H7 1200 series exceeds light output of a 90-watt PAR38 halogen lamp, a 120-watt BR40 incandescent lamp and a 32-watt compact fluorescent luminaire, while consuming less than 25 watts. These LED fixtures also provide 70% of their initial light output after 22 years of use. The new Halo LED H7 collection is just one of the innovative lighting solutions Cooper is creating at its new LED Innovation Center.

Southern Conservation Trust is a nonprofit land trust, based in Fayette County, which conserves land to enhance the quality of life in our communities, for today’s and future generations. Working closely with landowners, the Trust works to protect land in Metro Atlanta’s Southern Crescent and the Upper Flint River basin. The Trust’s mission includes preserving land and our “rural” character, protecting habitats and natural resources, and enhancing greenspace for education and passive recreation. Environmental education and fun outdoor events are also provided as part of the Trust’s ongoing efforts to encourage stewardship in our community.

The Trust now owns, manages, or holds conservation easements on more than 1300 acres throughout Fayette, Clayton, Meriwether, and rural South Fulton counties. The Trust currently has three popular public nature areas; Line Creek Nature Area and Flat Creek Nature Area in Peachtree City and Sams Lake Sanctuary in Fayetteville. The Trust’s fourth public preserve, Morgan Grove Nature Area is currently in development and will open to the public in late 2011. All public nature areas owned or managed by the Trust are free and open to the public from dawn to dusk.

“We are excited to have Cooper Lighting as a conservation partner,” says Pam Young, Trust Executive Director. “This grant allows the Trust to make needed improvements to Line Creek Nature Area, including a new driveway, stone edging for the parking lot, additional parking lot safety barriers, and erosion control with decorative landscaping at the entrance to the nature area.” Young adds, “With more than 23,000 annual visitors to Line Creek Nature Area there are always maintenance needs. This grant has provided the financial support for supplies, making it possible to complete these projects with the help of volunteers who contribute their time and effort to make the improvements.”

For more information about land preservation, supporting conservation efforts, or to volunteer visit our website,, call 770-486-7774 or email

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