Friday, May 23, 2008

A Visit to Turnipseed Nursery in Fayetteville, GA

Turnipseed Nursery sits is surrounded by traffic, restaurants and a growing city. However, once you travel through the bush flanked driveway, it's hard to believe you're not out in the country, miles from civilization. Owner Steven Stinchcomb has created an oasis on the edge of Fayetteville that is well worth a visit, whether you like plants or not!

A well-known and talented artist, Stinchcomb opens his studio to the public during the few months the nursery is open. Walking around visitors and shoppers will find eye-catching sculpture sitting in the midst of gorgeous plants of all types.

Swans glide across the two ponds and waddle around the shores completely ignoring the visitors intruding in their world. On one shore a pair of swans guard a nest, taking turns sitting on the eggs that may have hatched by now. The numerous roosters haven't learned they're only supposed to crow in the mornings. They call for attention continually, only stopping when Stinchcomb fills their water dishes.

Bird houses are scattered among the vines and bushes, vines wind around older art pieces and interesting pieces of wood are artistically stacked making the entire nursery a work of art. The eye travels from one picture to the next, wanting to capture it all!

Plants. Yes, there are plants. There's so much to see the plants are almost an afterthought, even though they're plentiful. Take a break and visit Turnipseed Nursery. It's the perfect place to visit when you've had a stressful day. Take home a few plants, a birdbath, a painting or piece of sculpture and begin to create your own oasis.

Click this link to see some photos of Turnipseed Nursery.

Turnipseed Nursery Farms: 685 Glynn St S Fayetteville, GA 770-460-8534

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