Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Plants, Less Work, Gorgeous Garden

NAPSI- Your dream garden can grow real with the help of new breeds of hydrangeas, coneflowers, roses and evergreen shrubs that let you create more beauty with less work.

Many new plants are virtually disease free and extremely low maintenance. For instance, a collection of hydrangeas provides blooms from late spring to early fall and, unlike their ancestors, will tolerate pruning at most any time. Their ability to weather wintry conditions and still produce blooms each year is another improvement.

Don't Be A Stranger To Hydrangeas

A dream garden can be beautified by Peppermint and Blue Heaven hydrangeas from Forever & Ever. They exhibit good disease resistance and respond well to sunny locations in Northern gardens and to partial shade in Southern gardens.

The Peppermint is a unique variety with gorgeous mop-headed blooms with one-of-a-kind, bicolor petals. Depending on your soil, the petals will display a brushstroke of either pink or blue in the center. Growing to approximately 24 inches tall and 36 inches wide, it is well suited for smaller gardens or patio containers.

Blue Heaven has blooms over 12 inches wide and a magnificent blue color. An adjustment in soil acidity will produce blooms in shades of pink or purple. A bit larger than Peppermint, Blue Heaven will grow to approximately 4 feet tall by 5 feet wide.

Head For Coneflowers

To complement your new hydrangeas, consider planting one of the new breeds of coneflowers--Pink Double Delight and Coconut Lime. These two beauties are tough as nails and, unlike most others, have double flowers. They are hardy, virtually disease free and tolerate drought conditions very well.

Pink Double Delight is a new variety of Echinacea that is compact and free flowering. Flowers are double upon first bloom and remain so consistently. Their stems are sturdy and numerous, creating a full appearance in containers and the garden.

For contrast, consider Coconut Lime, a double white coneflower with pale green at the center, sturdy stems and full blooms. Both these beauties will grow to approximately 26 inches high and spread about 27 inches.

The Subject Is Roses

Next, consider a new variety of a traditional favorite, the Double Knock Out Rose.

In contrast to older varieties of roses, this is a practically care-free landscape rose. It has double, fluorescent cherry red blossoms and is resistant to all the common rose diseases. It grows to about 4 feet by 4 feet and can be a great addition to your dream garden.

Everloving Evergreens

A new breed of evergreen shrub can add color to any Southern garden. Called Abelia Kaleidoscope, it lights up with bright yellow and green variegation in spring, then darkens to a deep green with a creamy, golden yellow outer edge. In summer it has abundant white flowers and in autumn, a spectacular, vibrant display of green, yellow, orange and red with brilliant red stems and abundant white flowers. The colors become muted in winter.

It will grow 5 to 6 feet tall in a sunny location.

With these beautiful new breeds, you can sit back and relax and enjoy your dream garden.

A riot of hardy hydrangeas can be an easy way to give yourself a gorgeous garden.

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