Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Safe, Effective, All-Natural Formula Keeps Bugs Off Kids and Adults for Hours

NF Note: If it's a mosquito repellent that is natural, we're sure to check it out. We haven't tried this one, but it sounds interesting. My personal favorite mosquito repellent for the yard is a concentrated garlic spray. Yep, my house can smell like an Italian restaurant for a couple of hours. The smell does keep the mosquitoes away and I've yet to see any vampires! So it must work!

PRNewswire/ -- EcoSMART's new 6-ounce organic insect repellent can help families enjoy a DEET-free, mosquito-free summer, harnessing Nature's own defense against insects -- essential oils.

EcoSMART's non-toxic, botanical skin repellent is safe for use on children of all ages, and works as effectively as DEET and synthetic chemicals.

A revolutionary plant based formula is the secret to the efficacy of EcoSMART's insect repellent. Unlike conventional DEET-based formulas, EcoSMART's patented technology uses 100 percent food grade ingredients to keep mosquitoes, gnats and more away for hours. It has a fresh, natural scent, is non-oily and dries quickly.

"We recommend that parents choose an insect repellent that is as non-toxic as possible, as well as protecting children by reducing the amount of exposed skin that must be treated with repellent," said Christopher Gavigan, CEO/Executive Director of the nonprofit organization, Healthy Child Healthy World, which offers credible information and expertise to help create healthy environments for families and children. "DEET is known to have adverse health effects when overused, especially on children. EcoSMART's new botanical repellent is an effective alternative to DEET-based products," he noted.

Parents can find additional tips to keep mosquitoes from biting at, including:

-- Remove sources of standing water, such as old tires, bird baths, and planters.

-- Use goldfish or freshwater minnows to control larvae in ornamental pools.

-- Plant scented geraniums, lemon thyme, marigold, tansy, citrosa plants, sweet basil, rosemary and/or sassafras near your home.

  -- Use screens on windows and doors, and keep them in good condition.
-- Turn on the air conditioner in place of opening windows and doors.
-- Stay inside at dusk and early morning when mosquitoes are most active.
-- Do not use scented products, which attract mosquitoes.
-- Wear lightweight, long sleeves and pants.
-- Use the appropriate repellent.

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