Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My 'maters are taking over...

Living on a fairly large piece of land with lots of roaming deer, rabbits and other wildlife I haven't tried to grow anything other than deer resistant plants (and even those temp the pesky animals during tough times).

This year, I decided I wanted tomatoes. Grape tomatoes and the bigger variety. There's a little plot sandwiched by bushes on one side and the driveway on the other that I figured might be somewhat safe from the deer at least.

When we bought the house the owners had flowers in the little plot and had surrounded it with one of those electric fences. I knew it was coming down when I found a poor little fried hummingbird still attached to the wiring while looking at the house. Later I found another one. I took it down within days of moving in.

I know the owners probably had it up because the deer were eating the flowers, but I thought I'd give it a shot... worst case I'd lose a few dollars worth of tomato plants.

Well, it's been a few months, my tomato plants are huge and I am overwhelmed with grape tomatoes. When I planted them I imagined these cute little plants with a few tomatoes. Ha, was I wrong. These things are almost as tall as I am and they're so dense I'm unable to find all the tomatoes. My husband calls my little patch the jungle.

I now hand tomatoes out to anyone who comes within arms length. My friends are starting to tell me they haven't finished the last batch and they're un-inviting me to stop by. I'm thinking about mailing some to my mom and dad. Maybe I could donate them to a local charity?

I also decided to grow some herbs, which was rather silly since my cooking these days consists of tossing a frozen dinner in the microwave. But they smell good and some of my friends are still happy to get some fresh basil.

I'm going to a meeting in a little bit. Guess what everyone is going to get from yours truly?

I am loving every minute of having a garden again!

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