Monday, August 18, 2008

Distinctive 'Lady' Turns Heads in Fall Garden

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PRNewswire/ -- Moody is a good thing when it comes to one beautiful lady. And this little lady's moods change with the season.

The lady -- Lady in Red Hydrangea -- is the ideal plant for any garden, where she'll surely add drama from spring to fall. In fall, this lady dons rich reddish-purple foliage as cooler temperatures arrive. By spring, count on her distinctive red stems and veins against dark green leaves. Come summer, the plant blooms with remarkable pinkish-white/bluish-white lacecaps (depending on soil pH) that mature to lush burgundy rose.

Truly the many "moods" of this lady are lovely to behold. And the enchanting plant is perfect for borders, groupings and mass plantings.

For those who do not yet have Lady in Red as part of their garden, here are some reasons why fall is an ideal season for adding this attractive plant.

Five Reasons to Plant in Fall

1) Stress Less - Air temperatures are cooler, reducing stress on plants... and gardeners. Cooler temperatures mean less transplant shock.

2) Happy Roots - Soil temperatures are still warm, promoting strong root growth. Root growth will continue through most of the winter, establishing the plant without competition from leaves, flowers or fruit and before the stress of the following summer.

3) Conserve Away - Rainfall is usually more abundant in fall and winter. Rain makes the soil easier to work, encourages root growth and lessens the amount of watering gardeners would have to do if planting in the summer. Always remember to mulch new plantings.

4) Bug Off - Generally, there are fewer insects / disease problems in the fall.

5) Move On Over - Fall is an ideal time to plant new perennials, as well as divide and transplant those that are overgrown or need to be moved. Also, container grown perennials and shrubs can be moved to permanent spots in the garden.

To find where the Lady in Red Hydrangea is available, go to , click on "where to buy" and enter a zip code.


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