Monday, August 18, 2008

Fayette Front Page: Trained Hummingbirds

After writing a bit yesterday about "my" hummingbirds, I have a short update on their habits. Actually, I have an update on the habits of one particular hummingbird.

I think she's fallen in like with me.

As I type, she's hanging around outside my windows, seemingly watching me. New habit that started yesterday and I don't know if there's something of interest to her outside that I can't see, or if she's keeping tabs on me.

My office is a converted sun room so I'm lucky to have three sides of windows and also lucky to have the windows start at desk level and go almost to the ceiling. That allowed us to build in a horseshoe shaped desk that wraps around the three sides with the windows, without having anyone on the outside able to see the desk. I have computers set up in each corner and a view of woods, deer, rabbits and of course, my hummingbirds no matter where I look.

Hard to work at times!

Yesterday I went out to water a butterfly bush that is just barely limping along. Some nasty ants built a huge home around the base year before last and managed to kill off a large chunk of it before I noticed. I killed the ants, cut back the dead part and have been trying to keep the remainder happy ever since.

As I was watering I caught motion out of the corner of my eye and cut my eyes (rather than making a sudden movement) to see "my" hummingbird. She buzzed around the entire time I was watering, even when I moved. She'd go sit in the closest tree for a few seconds, then come back and watch the water. I've heard that hummingbirds love to fly through sprinkling water so maybe if I do this each day for a while I'll be able to see her take a shower.

Not sure if anyone is interested in what my hummingbird is doing. The rest of them aren't quite as friendly but as I said in a previous post, they aren't as skittish as any of my earlier hummingbirds. I'm thinking these little ones have been somewhere with people around and they have grown accustomed to human habits.

Tomorrow or the next day I'll post some photos of my mom's hummingbirds. She had a Rufus that was banded and I have photos of her holding the hummingbird. Very cool. I want a Rufus but I don't know that they winter in this area. Has anyone ever had one in Fayette County? Anywhere near? if you'd like to send your experience with "your" hummingbirds.
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