Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Freeze-Dried Food and Organic Heirloom Seeds

Note: Thought this one was interested. When you go to the site a video plays and we couldn't find a way to stop it, but still, it is an interesting concept. Especially since a few of us have been talking about the need to possibly grow some of our own food this year:

Now... freeze-dried food and heirloom seeds from a Southern outfit!

Emergencies are a part of life, especially in the times in which we live. Weather, man-made disasters, and job layoffs are all times when it is important to have a reliable source of food for you family. And when those times strike is NOT the time to begin preparing!

Our friends at Heartland Emergency are proud to announce that they now offer freeze-dried foods and heirloom seeds... and from fellow Southerners!

Quality freeze-dried food from world-famous Mountain House is available in several different sized packages for individuals and families, or you can put together your own order with the a la carte option. The food tastes great and has a storage life up to 30 years! What better investment for your family's safety than to begin investing in freeze-dried foods for emergencies?

And many Southerners are returning to our roots by growing their own safe, healthy food in their own Liberty Gardens at home. It's a much better alternative than eating processed foods or vegetables containing pesticides and other dangers from foreign countries! And, unlike the majority of seeds on the market today, these heirloom seeds can be used to grow your food AND to start your own stock of seeds for replanting from year to year... something that you can't do with the infertile seeds sold on the market today!

Browse the website for yourself and place an initial order today to give it a try... do it for the safety of your family... BEFORE it's too late!
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