Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Reflecting Your Personality with Outdoor Lighting

Tips for highlighting spring in bloom

Liz Bowen loves to garden in the back yard of her Fayetteville home. Her cobblestone circular path is lined with seasonal flowers and decorative shrubbery. The pièce de résistance is the two handsome arbors that provide protective archways adorned with creeping vines.

Enjoying the season of spring in bloom from her back window at night allows Bowen to relax and meditate upon the beauty of her yard. Glowing flowers and reflective lighting on the 8 foot high arbors expands her living space into the evening hours and safety lights guide her down the circular path without breaking the atmosphere of serene beauty.

In order to create an outdoor evening living space that reflects your garden’s beauty here are some tips you can apply that can enhance the mood and attractiveness of your flora.

  • Create a low and even glow on flowers and shrubbery that is dim but light enough to identify the color, shape and fullness of the variety of seasonal foliage that accents the property
  • Keep lighted pathways soft enough to blend into and augment the entire lighting portrait but spaced evenly enough to provide an invitation to take a leisurely stroll through the garden
  • Up lighting from the base of a tree or tall architectural feature such as a pergola can add a sense of sky and height making a smaller yard appear larger
  • Create a focal point in the yard by accenting a key feature or floral area with higher intensity lighting to draw the eye and direct it to that feature

Author Jason Paulk, owner of Nite Time Decor by Paulk Outdoors located in Locust Grove, has provided landscaping, outdoor lighting and outdoor holiday decorating services to the community since 2002. For more information visit www.nitetimedecor.com or call 678-583-4455.

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