Thursday, June 11, 2009

Squirrel-Slip: A Real "Downer" for Squirrels

Note: I have a number of bird feeders in the yard. I've tried every trick imaginable to keep pesky squirrels from stealing the bird feed. I don't mind if they take what falls on the ground, but I hate it when they empty the feeder and keep the birds away. The only thing I haven't tried yet is one of those bird feeders that is pressure sensitive --- when a squirrel puts its weight on the bar it swirls around and tosses them off. They're not cheap, and with my luck it'd throw the silly squirrel right through one of my windows ;-) The following product looks interesting and is probably worth a try if you have a certain type of feeder. Most of my feeders hang from trees and are easily assessable to squirrels (yep, I know, why am I complaining if I'm tempting them?). One thing I have used which seems to do fairly well is a prepared pepper mix that I stir into the seeds. Problem is that it washes away with the first rain, then the squirrels are back. OK, 'nuff about MY squirrels, here's a solution for some of you who hang their feeders properly :

From backyards across the country, the one steady complaint of bird lovers is that no matter what they try, they can’t keep squirrels away from feeders; even feeders purported to be “squirrel-proof.”

So, what’s a bird lover to do when the pesky, bushy tailed creature comes looking for food? One company heard the call and took action. Kama Global, LLC, a specialty ingredients company for the cosmetics industry, developed Squirrel-Slip™—an eco-friendly, natural, safe, biodegradable product made from a blend of vegetable-based ingredients. Squirrel-Slip is not harmful to birds, squirrels, or the environment and is effective in all types of weather and temperature.

Anthony Savastano, president of Kama Global, said that Squirrel-Slip is the perfect solution to a frustrating situation. “After applying Squirrel-Slip to a feeder pole,” says Savastano, “squirrels get the surprise of their life. When they jump onto the pole, they immediately lose their grip, slide down, and slip off. After a few attempts, they simply give up and feed off the ground.”

Belinda Cook of Johns Creek, Georgia, whose property is registered with the Audubon Society as a wildlife sanctuary, says she is opposed to applying any type of petroleum-based products on her feeder poles because of the harmful effects to wildlife.

“The squirrels on my property,” says Cook, “were insatiable, diligent, and annoyingly persistent. They consumed every bit of bird food from all my feeders. With Squirrel-Slip, I now have a win-win situation all around. The birds feed peacefully, the squirrels feed off the seeds that fall to the ground, and the environment is protected.”

Craig Lampani of Chicopee, MA, had all but given up with bird feeders on his property. “Since using Squirrel-Slip, I now get to enjoy the birds and watch the squirrels slide down the poles. It’s entertainment at all levels! Squirrel-Slip works like a charm!” he says.

Squirrel-Slip can be found at Wild Bird Centers, Wild Birds Unlimited, and other retail stores where birdseed and feeders are sold.
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