Friday, February 22, 2008

2008 edition of annual UGA Spring Garden Packet

Welcome to the 33rd annual Spring Garden Packet from the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Written by 14 CAES faculty members and graduate and undergraduate students, these 27 feature articles are provided to help you give your readers the timely, valuable gardening information they want. Your UGA Cooperative Extension county agent (just call 1-800-ASK-UGA1) can help you localize these features. The stories are available on Georgia FACES at a

This year’s edition is split into sections. First, you’ll find articles on fruits and vegetables, followed by general gardening, gold medal winners, garden pests and plant diseases.

Fruits and vegetables
1. Top 10 vegetables to try – Kristen Plank
2. Georgia oranges? – Sharon Omahen
3. Growing sweet potatoes – Terry Kelley
4. Put your harvest on the table – Plank
5. From garden to grub: Ratatouille – Plank

General gardening
6. Good gardening saves green – Matthew Chappell
7. Gardening success during drought – Plank
8. Alternatives to turf – Amanda Tedrow
9. Gardening ‘achoos’ – Peppers
10. Creating a garden with children – Plank
11. Growing gourds in Georgia – Kelley

Gold medal winners
12. Georgia's plant all-stars for 2008 – Plank
13. Comeback plant – Bodie Pennisi
14. Paperbush adds heavenly scent – Gary Wade
15. American Hornbeam adapts – Wade
16. Pride of Augusta great vine for Georgia – Wade
17. Cranesbill a ‘floral blockbuster’ - Pennisi

Garden pests
18. Using pesticides safely – Paul Guillebeau
19. The ultimate unwelcome guest – Elmer Gray
20. Tips to keep mosquitoes away – Guillebeau
21. Widow spiders and work gloves – Stephanie Schupska
22. Hornworms love tomatoes – Nancy Hinkle
23. The lowdown on chiggers – Gray

Plant diseases
24. Prevent some vegetable diseases – Brad Haire
25. Take-all root rot – Holly Thornton
26. Pick tomatoes resistant to virus – Kelley
27. UGA clinic diagnoses sick plants – Thornton

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(Stephanie Schupska was principle editor of the 2008 Spring Garden Packet and is a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences)
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