Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mom holds a hummingbird

My parents live up at Lake Oconee. I'm always jealous of the swarms of hummingbirds Mom attracts to her porch. She has at least six or seven feeders on the porch and there are days when she has to refill them more than once.
Last winter she had some hummingbirds that didn't leave so she started doing some research.
She contacted a group that keeps up with the little hummers and asked a few questions.
Turns out she had a few of the Rufus hanging out. They captured one and banded it. Then went down to a neighbor's house and banded one there.
It sounded like an interesting process. The guy had a contraption that fit over a feeder. Of course, being the skittish creatures they are, once they set the thing up they had to wait patiently for it to venture out and into the trap.

They didn't gas it or do anything to knock it out, it just froze when caught. That's my Mom holding it. She said it stayed on her hand for a few minutes, then realized it was free and took off. No harm, it was back feeding in no time at all.
You can't see it, but there's a tiny little band around it's tiny little leg. Awww....
The first photo is the guy from whatever group he represents (guess I should have asked Mom for the name!). The other two photos are my Mom of course.
If I remember correctly she has two or three that hang out through the winter.
I know here in Fayette there are people who try to attract one or two wintering hummingbirds, but to date I haven't crossed path's with anyone who has actually been managed to succeed.

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