Monday, February 04, 2008

Flash Food Birds

I posted something about this on my Ramblin' Jan blog or the Fayette Life blog a while back, but it was so neat I thought I'd re-post the photos in Naturally Fayette as they "fit" better here!

As you can see the birds have decided they have the perfect place to call home.

Those deep, nicely rounded holes in the letters make a great sheltered place for a nest. Not to mention all the food that gets dropped on the ground!

I would imagine that quite a few folks getting gas probably toss a tidbit their way every once in a while.

I would also bet that the people who have to clean the sidewalks hate that chore. Imagine all the bird poop.

This is the Flash Food / Exxon station located in Fayetteville at the Hwy. 85 and 314 intersection. If you sign up for a free Flash Food card you get 2 cents off a gallon. Their gas is usually as cheap, or cheaper, than most so of course I shop there first!

One more thing, not sure if it's always the way I found it, but twice while getting gas there I've had to step into the restroom. They were clean. Yep, a gas station bathroom that was clean.

And no, I don't know the people or have any reason to give them a plug other than any time I get friendly service (always) and a good value, I'm gonna pass it on if I can.

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