Thursday, July 23, 2009

Forest Info Available to Georgians from Georgia Forestry Commission

The latest comprehensive report detailing Georgia’s forest resource is now available in a convenient booklet and online at The information is a compilation and summary of the condition of forests in the state, collected from samples gathered between 1998 and 2004 from around Georgia.

“Forest Inventory Analysis plots are randomly located points across the state that are visited and remeasured every five years by Georgia Forestry Commission Foresters,” (GFC) said David Dickinson, Forest Inventory Analysis (FI) Coordinator for GFC. “Landowners can find important information about the state of our forests in the new booklet, ‘Georgia Forests 2004.’”

According to Dickinson, data on many forest variables are collected at FIA plots, including forest type, forest age, individual tree species, diameters, heights and other detailing wood quality. The latest data shows Georgia’s timberland acreage is remaining stable, with slight gains of the acreage recorded in 1997. Timberland acreage gains in the south and central parts of the state more than offset losses in the north central region, which includes the Atlanta Metro Area. Tree volume has increased for both softwood and hardwood, and average annual tree growth has exceeded annual removals. Average annual acreage of tree planting has continued to decline.

“Georgia’s Forests, 2004” can be obtained in hard copy by visiting your local Georgia Forestry Commission District Office, or by clicking on the link at under the “Forest Management/Forest Inventory” tab.
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