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Choosing The Right Mulch

(NAPSI)-If you're looking for a simple way to add new life to a garden, boost curb appeal or spruce up your landscaping, it could be time to start mulching.

Mulch can improve the health of soil and plants by minimizing weed growth and retaining water and nutrients. Plus, a thick layer of mulch helps protect roots from cold weather and extreme heat-all while helping to define flower beds and "edge out" bushes and trees.

All mulch, however, is not created equal. Yard experts say using the right type can save you work and money in the long run.

For instance, mulch made from wood, gravel or straw often needs to be replaced a few times throughout the year. But mulch made from recycled rubber requires little to no maintenance and lasts years without fading, decomposing, compacting or losing its original beauty. International Mulch Company even manufactures recycled rubber mulches that look just like their natural counterparts. In addition to being used in gardens and beds, the mulches can be spread under playground equipment to keep children safe.

An added bonus: The mulch keeps tires out of landfills. In fact, by the end of the year, the company will have recycled more than 200 million pounds of rubber into a full suite of landscaping and playground products-from mulch to mats, and timbers to tree rings. Try these additional mulching tips:


Thoroughly rake and weed the area you plan to mulch before adding any ground cover. You might also consider using landscape paper to prevent the growth of unwanted grass or plants in a mulched garden.

How Much Mulch?

About 2.5 cubic yards of wood mulch will provide 4-inch deep coverage to 200 square feet of garden. But with rubber mulch you only need 11/2 inches as it doesn't compact. You can find a number of mulch coverage charts and calculators online to help you get a more precise understanding of your needs.

Spreading Mulch

Generally, you'll only need a rake and shovel to spread mulch. Start with a pile in the middle of the area to be mulched and spread the ground cover toward the garden's edges. After the mulch has been spread, fill in bare or thin spots by hand and water thoroughly.

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